Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Watchmen Sucks!

Last weekend i catched Watchmen at BP Mall cinema. Assuming it's juz like an XMen-like superheroes movie, unfortunately it's such a lame-o one. It's the shittest movie ever! Fuckin boring! Less action-supposed-to be, but fulled wth shits of romances, kisses n nude-dick-censored blue man (Dr Manhattan). Not worth my goddamn rm9. So dont u ever planning to catch it in cinema soon. Juz put ur ass on seat of others. I'm fuckin serious! hahaha..

#Now, i started to miss my Wolverine. hehe
#I'm sorry, my words quite rude coz the influences of Gran Torino (Clint Eastwood juz brilliant at 79 - aging firmly! I hope mine so:))
#Saje entry kali ni gua nak test English gua. Amacam? Boleh challenge Faizal Tahir x?

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  1. lmbtla aku bc blog ko pasal ni..baru g tgk last sunday..aku sokong..boring giler..